Monday, February 15, 2016

GSoC 2016 Project Survey, help me make Dolphin a better File Manager!

Hey everyone!

I am a first year computer science undergraduate from BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. I am looking forward to working for KDE for the GSoC.

My project idea is based on solving a problem all file managers have had for years - the lack of an easy to use file selection tool. My project aims to simplify selecting files from multiple directory trees.

I am running a survey to gauge community feedback on my idea and to finalize the user interface and features list.

The link to my idea proposal can be found here:

And the link to my survey can be found here:

TIA for the feedback : )


  1. Make sure at least this does not crash unlike kde itself

    1. I've always been baffled by these kind of comments...
      I mean, sure, KDE crashes sometimes... but still a lot less than Gnome, or Windows would... and OSX doesn't need to crash to be unusable. So... meh...

    2. You don't understand, it's a feature to keep trolls away!
      But you're right, that obviously doesn't work.

  2. The idea isn't bad... it's even pretty good... kind of a clipper for files. I wonder how well this might integrate with Klipper as well. Maybe it could be used to keep an history of what filetrays we've made lately (perhaps even keep them across session, if that's something Klipper can do).

  3. Hi, if is possible i think in another modifications:

    1 - If copy file/directory to folder without permission not show error, but show password dialog for make with root.

    2 - If writing anythin in keyboard automatic enable filter option, don't need press ctrl+i.

    3 - Improve functions in kio mtp for better integration with android smartphones, functions like rename files.

    4 - Improve kio sftp for improve speed, in nautilus or filezilla is normal in my connection upload in 500 kb/s, but in dolphin just 80 kb/s.

    Sorry for my bad english, that's not my native language.

  4. The proposal link is down.

  5. Hi!
    Thanks for your work on Dolphin. It's great software.
    +1 for BIGBRUNO's suggestion 2: Filter by typing!
    This would be really great.